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Based in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe, Ferris Translations and its team of translators offer you years of experience in the translation and localization industry. The clientele of Ferris Translations ranges from small and medium-sized companies dealing in various industrial sectors all the way to large international corporations and organisations.

Working according to quality standard EN 15038, Ferris Translations offers translations at a worldwide level making the requirements of its international customers its first priority. Each translator is chosen to meet the needs of the specific translation at hand in addition to possessing professional qualifications in the field of translation.

Our professional translators are solely native speakers and are specialised in their respective fields.


Translation Process

- Analysis of text and word count -

- Determine appropriate translator -

- Determine deadlines and requirements -

- Determine costs -

- Send quote and receive order -

- Translation by native translator  -

- Verification of translation consistency-

- Proofreading by a second native speaker -

- Final verification process -

- Delivery -
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